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BHG are a major investor in the Energy sector. With a history in traditional oil and gas, this interest is now more focused on becoming a global player in sustainable energy solutions with geothermal, wind and solar renewables well established, it is now engaging in the future of green hydrogen. BHG and its subsidiaries utilize both its legacy capabilities in water and energy to pioneer new developments for the adoption of Hydrogen across a number of sectors.



In terms of growth potential, the addition of waste water treatment, industrial WWTP, water hygiene, recycling, ZLD, RO and other technologies, our acquisition profile in water services married well with our other service offerings across the BHG Group. Water now plays a major role in our development of hydrogen solutions globally.


BHG Technical Services was established to support our global operations providing access to leveraging talent globally, to execute regionally. BHG Technical Services oversees the entire recruitment, mobilization, onboarding, orientation and placement of personnel in our Energy and Water businesses.   



FPS operates predominantly in the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions with its business focused largely in oil and gas and heavy industry market sectors. With a majority shareholding, the FPS founding team was a big factor in our decision to invest. Their subsequent success proved that our early-stage decision to invest in them was the right one. The restructuring of services in the energy sector has enhanced productivity and efficiency which translates into shareholder value.

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