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BHG Across the Globe

Investing in a Sustainable Future

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Empowering the Businesses of the Future

BHG exists to leverage global opportunities across established, as well as emerging sectors. BHG has an asset portfolio of global investments in energy, water, engineering and data centres.  With sustainability at the heart of all that we do, the group's geographic and financial reach continues to grow through strategic investments in high-growth sectors.

BHG provides direct management consultancy and oversight to the companies in which it is invested. This brings the highest level of industry expertise and strategic direction across commercial, financial and risk management aspects of the work, ensuring the right resources with the right experience are made available from the outset, thereby minimising delivery disruptions or delays and maximising efficiencies from day one.

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Partners. Visionaries.

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"Know what you own, and know why you own it." — Peter Lynch

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